Perma-Gard® - PVC Shower Pan Liner

  • Perma-Gard is a flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet liner. Color is grey.
    Perma-Gard is continuously marked on the roll and lined every 6 inches.
  • Perma-Gard PVC shower pan liner will not rust, rot, or decay under normal and recommended conditions for the life of the installations. Perma-Gard is not recommended for continuous exposure to the sun environment.
  • No underlayment required when using 40 mil.
  • Meets FHA and HUD requirements for shower pans and ASTM D- 4551 Requirements
  • Not compatible with tar based products or tar paper felt.

Code Listings
Tested to ASTM D-4551/Complies

40 mil PVC
Shower Pan Liner

Part No. Size (width x linear) Sq. Feet/Roll
PVC40-450 4 x 50 200/roll
PVC40-4100 4 x 100 400/roll
PVC40-540 5 x 40 200/roll
PVC40-5100 5 x 100 500/roll
PVC40-580 5 x 80 400/roll
PVC40-650 6 x 50 300/roll
PVC40-6100 6 x 100 600/roll

Shower Pan Liner Accessories

Part No. Description Case Qty.
249 Bonding Fluid
(cement for Perma-Gard)
12 /case
PVC-C Preformed Corners(outside) Bulk
PVC40-DVD Installation DVD 1
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Test Specification: ASTM D-4551

Property: Test Results Test Method
Thickness 40 mil.
ASTM D-374
(Tensile Strength lbs./in.) 40 mil. 108 lbs.
(2700 PSI)
ASTM D-412
Elongation 40 mil. 13.3 lbs.
(400% + )
ASTM D-1004
Pinholes 40 mil. Zero (passed) ASTM D4551-11-3
Resistance 40 mil. No Growth ASTM D4551-A1
Hydrostatic Pressure 40 mil. No Rupture ASTM D4551-A2
Indentation Resistance 40 mil. No Leakage ASTM D4551-A5
Folding Resistance 40 mil. No Rupture ASTM D4551-A3

Chemical Resistance

40 mil. No Rupture ASTM D4551-A4
Alkali Resistance 40 mil. Passed ASTM D4551-A4
Shrinkage 40 mil. No Leaks  
Volatile Loss 40 mil. Passed + 5% ASTM D-1204
  40 mil. Passed ASTM D-1203

Tile Shower Renovation Instructions

Recommended Uses: Over wood or concrete subfloors, where old shower-pan has failed.

  • Remove existing shower receptor, water-proof membrane and wall tile as required to install new waterproof membrane.
  • Replace any damaged wall or floor substrate materials.
  • Slope required in new membrane 1/4” per foot to weep holes in drain.
  • New membrane to turn up wall at least 3” above shower curb.
  • Use Dallas Speciality Mortar Drain over weep holes.

Application Instructions for PVC Shower Pan Liner
and Safe Pan Membranes



a) Sweep the floor broom-clean. Make certain all sharp objects are removed and nails in sub-flooring are firmly driven flush. The sub-floor must be smooth, free of holes, cracks, splinters or sharp projections.

b) If the wood sub-floor is uneven, place one or two layers of 15 pound felt (dry) over it to provide a smooth base for the Perma-Gard Sheeting (not needed over smooth plywood or concrete w/40 mil. UPC requires a 15# Roofing Felt underlayment in all situations with 30 mil. WARNING: DO NOT USE TAR PAPERS.

c) Line the shower floor or pan with Perma-Gard sheeting brand plastic waterproofing membrane. Turn the sheet up all side walls at least 6" above finished floor level.
(see Figure 1)

d) Fold corners (do not cut) against the upstand by making a pig ear fold. Nail or staple 1/2 inch from the upper edge to hold it in place.
(see Figure 2) Where metal stubs or framing are used, duct tape may ne used to secure.

e) Where no backing is provided between the studs, the slack may be taken up by pleating and stapling or nailing to the studding 1/2" from the upper edge.

f) To adhere Perma-Gard sheeting to vertical surfaces, coat the back of the sheet and the surface to which it will be applied with adhesive. Allow the adhesive to become dry to the touch (5-10 minutes) and press the sheet into place.

Welding DS

Bonding Fluid provides a fast, effective weld which is permanently waterproof for larger areas. A properly made joint is effective in 12 hours, although maximum strength takes 24 hours to develop.

a) Surfaces must be clean

b) Overlap a minimum of 2" and press surfaces firmly together. For long joints 2 to 3 of joint can be made at one time; peel back into previous portion slightly when using DS Bonding Fluid on the next section to assure continuity of joint. (see Figure 3) Apply Bonding Fluid to both surfaces to be joined. Allow the fluid to set 60 seconds prior to mating the surfaces. It is imperative that the pan be water tested for at least 24 hours to make sure that there are no leaks.

c) Always use pressure to complete solvent joints.

d) Lap joints in direction of watershed.

e) Provide adequate ventilation when working with DS Bonding Fluid.

Drain Installation

a) Press the Perma-Gard Sheeting into position on the drain body, cut and fit where required. It is necessary to bond the pan liner to top of drain body with DS Bonding Fluid or Silicone.

b) Recommended – When installing PVC Perma-Gard to a PVC drain body you should weld the pan to the body using DS Bonding Fluid. Use Silcone with metal or plastic drains.

c) Where the drain has a clamping ring that is bolted down, no wrinkling will occur. Where the clamping ring is threaded, the material may be lubricated tp prevent wrinkling. A slight wrinkling will not affect the seal and will flatten out when the mortar is poured on to make base.

d) If the drain has flutes on the underside, the clamping ring should be reversed so that the flat surface is sealing with Perma-Gard.

e) Because Perma-Gard Sheeting brand plastic waterproofing membrane is not susceptible to electolytic attack, it is not necessary to apply any protective coating (such as asphaltum) to the shower pan.

f) Use Mortar Drain over weep holes.

Dam Corner Installation

a) Cut along the studs at the opening and lay the
Perma-Gard Sheeting over the dam, Fasten along the front of dam outside the shower pan.

b) Use two DS pre-formed corners. (see Figure 4) Clean one side of each pre-formed corner thoroughly.

c) Apply DS Bonding Fluid to surfaces to be bonded. Press the corner into place forming with hand pressure.

d) Trim the excess material outside the shower to cut, fold over and fasten to the outside surface.
(see Figure 4)

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